What is the project’s goal?

The project is on a mission to create a more sustainable future by highlighting the role of women in agriculture and rural areas. FLIARA will boost understanding of the needs and challenges facing women leading innovative environmental and rural development practices in EU farming and rural areas.

The Challenge

Women have long been overlooked and underrepresented in the agriculture and rural sectors. Many women-led innovations and practices go unnoticed, which not only limits their potential impact but also perpetuates the idea that women have a smaller role to play in these fields. The challenge, therefore, is to increase visibility and recognition of women’s contributions and support them in becoming key players in shaping the future of agriculture and rural areas.

The Solution

FLIARA offers a unique and transdisciplinary approach that combines foresight and case study methods, network building, and policy benchmarking. Our approach enables us to identify innovative and sustainable solutions for farming and rural areas that meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

Our goal is to identify visions for sustainable farm and rural futures and the sustainability innovations needed to realise these visions. We believe that women-led innovation is a key factor in achieving this goal, and we strive to empower women to lead the way.

To achieve our goal, we are building a Community of Practice that brings together women identified throughout the case studies and key innovation policy and governance stakeholders. We believe that building on the power of social networks will allow us to create a supportive and collaborative environment that encourages innovation and sustainability.

We will also launch a Campaign of Visibility for women-led rural innovations to spotlight women as key innovation actors. By sharing their stories and highlighting their achievements, we hope to inspire and empower other women to lead innovative practices in farming and rural areas.

Overall, our project outcomes will result in end-user ready resources, including policy proposals and practical tools supporting women-led innovation, ultimately paving the way for a more sustainable future.


EU Women in Agriculture and Rural Areas

Work Packages

Female-Led Innovation in Agriculture and Rural Areas

Grant Agreement Number: 101084234

Funding Scheme Horizon Europe: RIA – Research and Innovation action

Total Budget: € 2 999 913,75

EU Financial Contribution: 100%

Start Date: January 2023

Duration: 36 months

Coordinator: University of Galway

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