Advisory Board

The Stakeholder Advisory Board (SAB) is an integral component of the FLIARA project’s multi-actor approach. The board is playing a key role in offering strategic, practice-focused, and end-user centric advice to the consortium regarding FLIARA activities. Comprising representatives from various EU contexts in the fields of farming, innovation, and policy, the SAB ensures a diverse range of perspectives are considered in shaping the project’s direction. We are delighted to introduce you the members of our SAB:

South Europe Innovation Project ManagerEuropean Institute of Innovation and Technology …

Ethan comes from a 5th generation arable farm and is …

Business ConsultantAgrotina, Croatia.

Inge Van Oost is policy officer at the European Commission, …

Valentina Carta is Technologist at Council for Agricultural Research and Economics …

Steve Dolan is the CEO of Galway Rural Development, one …

The Romanian Rural Network connects rural areas to rural development …

Lara Rodríguez

South Europe Innovation Project Manager

European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Food, Spain.

Ethan Cleary

Agricultural Technology Policy and Innovation Executive

Irish Farmers Association (IFA) and COPA-COGECA, Ireland.

Valentina Hažić

Business Consultant

Agrotina, Croatia.

Inge Van Oost

Policy Officer AKIS coordination & CAP networks

European Commission DG AGRI Unit D.1 – Rural Areas and Networks.

Valentina Carta

Researcher and Techonologist

Council for Agricultural Research and Agricultural Economy Analysis' (CREA) Research Centre for Agricultural Policies and Bioeconomy, Italy.

Steve Dolan


Galway Rural Development, Ireland.

Romanian Rural Network


European Network for Rural Development (ENRD)

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