Female-Led Innovation in Agriculture and Rural Areas

The FLIARA project aims to create a European wide rural innovation ecosystem, which supports women-led innovative practices in farming and rural areas.

What is FLIARA about?

FLIARA will heighten visibility and awareness of current female-led innovations, and their centrality and importance to achieving EU environmental and inclusion policies. FLIARA will demonstrate the innovative capacity of women in farming and in rural areas, with a particular focus on all four dimensions of sustainability (environmental, economic, social and cultural).

Women Led Innovations

200 innovative practices that contribute to a sustainable and viable rural environment identified in 10 European countries: Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Romania and Italy.

Community of Practice

A hub of networking and training amongst key actors and relevant stakeholders to exchange ideas, experiences and innovative knowledge, encouraing future female innovations and entrepeneurship.

The Impact

FLIARA will challenge existing gender norms and stereotypes, increasing gender consciousness through a recognition and appreciation of the actual impact and economic value that women have in rural economies and rural development. The project will create practical tools and policy proposals to ensure that women are embedded in, and supported by, a more effective innovation ecosystem.

Foresight and Trend Analysis

FLIARA is currently working on its envisioning process to predict the role of women in the innovations required for sustainable farms and rural futures across EU Member States. These visions will be constructed by using an interactive foresight process, which will involve key stakeholders, at a local level creating a connection between their local contexts and sustainable futures.

As a result, FLIARA will combine futures and case study methods with network building and policy benchmarking. By developing visions for sustainable rural futures, FLIARA will identify the innovations needed to make them a reality.

“Rural women can play a key role in delivering a sustainable future through on-farm and off-farm innovative practices”

Maura Farrell

— Project Coordinator, Associate Professor


The multi-actor basis for FLIARA is established through bringing together organisations that engage in different ways in the research, innovation, networks, policy and practice environments

The consortium is made up of universities (University of Galway, TU Delft, UNICAL, UTU, UL, HNEE, HLK – Jönköping , UOULU, MENDELU and LNU); European Networks (ELARD, ECOLISE), a national agricultural state agency and extension advisory body (Teagasc), a Community Organisation and Social Enterprise (LWL) and an SME (CE).

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4 days ago

🟣This week, our partners from Consulta Europa proudly showcased the FLIARA Project within the framework of the Erasmus+ EUROPE Project activities in Gran Canaria, fostering collaboration among remote and rural communities across Europe.🌱The goal? To address shared challenges, promote a unified societal approach, and ensure active community involvement in decision-making. During the EUROPE Project's visit to Gran Canaria, Spain, CE introduced the FLIARA project to diverse organisations and initiatives, incluEcofinca Selva Doramasramas and La Fábrica de Pienso. Join us on this journey of collaboration, innovation, and community empowerment! Read more at: fliara.eu/consulta-europa-showcases-fliara-project-in-erasmus-europe-initiative-unveiling-solutio...#fliaraeuA#europeinitiativea#CommunityEmpowermentr#collaborationa#innovationation ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

👏Exciting strides in Swedish rural development!🌾 Our colleagues Annie Roos & Helene Ahl presented the FLIARA Project at the "Rural and Regions in Change" Conference in Stockholm on Nov 8-9. Their work integrates local insights with foresight analysis, paving the way for sustainable futures in agriculture and more. 🚀 Read more at: fliara.eu/charting-a-sustainable-course-fliara-project-unveils-visions-for-the-future-of-rural-sw...#FLIARAEU #RuralDevelopment #InnovationForChange #ConferenceHighlights #WomenInAg ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

🎯The DEW Project has made a significant impact in shaping policies for female digital entrepreneurship in Europe. We're excited to share that the DEW Project, co-funded by the European Commission's Erasmus+ Programme, has unveiled a set of groundbreaking policy recommendations. These recommendations will influence the future of female digital entrepreneurship on local, national, and EU levels.🌟 Explore the details here: fliara.eu/unlocking-female-digital-entrepreneurship-potential-dew-project-sets-a-path-for-policy-...Join us in championing gender equality and digital empow#fliaraeu#dewprojectD#policyrecommendationsm#DigitalEmpowermentmpowAthena Equalitya Consulta EuropalLongford Women's LinkmeCaliper EUinTARGETED-MPIU TARGETED-MPI ... See MoreSee Less
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3 weeks ago

🇪🇺 Join the Movement for a Greener & Fairer Future! ✅At the recent Sisters Project Exchange, we delved into the power of collaboration and innovation to drive sustainability forward. RENOVERTY, focusing on energy-efficient upgrades in vulnerable rural districts, spearheaded this meeting of like-minded projects.🎯Our Project Coordinator, Associate Professor Maura Farrell proudly presented the FLIARA project, contributing to 32 EU-funded initiatives tackling energy poverty, sustainability, and innovation.👏Let's unite for a sustainable and just future for all! Learn more: fliara.eu/renoverty-a-collaborative-meeting-for-sustainable-and-innovative-initiatives/#Sustainability #Innovation #Collaboration #RENOVERTY #FLIARAEU #GreenFuture #FairFuture ... See MoreSee Less
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3 weeks ago

🌿Last week, our Project Manager, Louise Weir showcased the FLIARA Project at the "Creative vitality in non-urban areas?" session of the IN SITU WEBINAR series. IN SITU is currently hosting insightful webinars that dig into the key themes shaping cultural and creative ecosystems in European non-urban areas. 👉Curious to know more? Visit: insituculture.eu/#FLIARAEU #INSTITUWEBINAR #CulturalEcosystems #CreativeInnovation #nonurbanareas ... See MoreSee Less
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3 weeks ago

🍂 The October edition of the Rural Pact Community Newsletter is now out! Offering a wealth of knowledge and information on the latest EU’s rural development initiatives: 📘 Gain insights into SMARTA-NET’s innovative approach to rural mobility, explore funding opportunities available with Horizon Europe 2024, discover the insights shared at the 12th EURIPA Rural Health Forum, get informed about the Rural Pact upcoming webinar and policy lab and much more. 📰 Explore all relevant publications, projects’ activities, funding opportunities and events 🔗 Access the full newsletter here: ruralpact.rural-vision.europa.eu/latest-newsletters_en 🍃 Join the Rural Pact Community to receive regular updates and connect with like-minded individuals #ruralpacteu #RuralVisionEU #ruraldevelopment ... See MoreSee Less
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1 month ago

🟣Celebrating Gender Equality Week!FLIARA is currently carrying our Futures Research with communities across nine Europe countries. Rooting this work in different rural contexts allows FLIARA to combine local knowledge and futures research to envision sustainable farm and rural futures.📸 Take a sneak peek into our recent Futures Research workshop, lead by the University of Turku, hosted by the University of Galway Team at the Diamond Hill Community Centre in Letterfrack, Connemara, Co. Galway. 🌍 We came together to explore future sustainable innovations that can contribute to and sustain remote rural regions into the future. 🙌 The event was a fantastic gathering of local enterprises, Local Action Groups, education organisations, communities, and individuals who shared a sustainable vision. Your participation was greatly appreciated, and your local expert knowledge added immense value to the workshop!🙏 FLIARA, through all its work, will continue its efforts in advancing Gender Equality in agriculture and rural areas. 💬Let's keep the conversation going! Visit fliara.eu/call-for-innovation#ruralwomenW#GenderEqualityWeeky#innovationa#womeninagn#gendere#fliaraeuARTurun yliopisto - University of TurkuTCllr. Eileen MannionnConnemara MacraMPearl Mussel ProjectoFORUM Connemara CLGaGalway Rural DevelopmentpConnemara Community RadioRFurther Education Centre Letterfrack/ClifdeniDiamond Hill community centre nConnacht Tribune - Galway City TribuneiLetterfrack Tidy Towns CommitteeiÚdarás na GaeltachtaaRaidió na Gaeltachta (Oifigiúil)iConnemara West Plct Plc ... See MoreSee Less
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