Isabel Sánchez Tejado

Isabel Sánchez Tejado


Escuela de Turismo Generativo



Rural Areas

Remote rural areas

The innovation journey

Isabel Sánchez Tejado, a rural tourism trainer, founded the Escuela de Turismo Generativo, an online school proposing a new management model for rural tourist destinations. This sustainable model aims to boost demand for tourist services while safeguarding and enhancing natural resources. The journey began in Gredos, Spain, in 2011, where Isabel revitalised a local entrepreneurs’ association and formed a working group to develop sustainable tourism practices that honour traditions, gastronomy, and landscape heritage. As the success of this approach spread, Isabel received requests from other regions, leading her to establish the school.

The innovation impact

Isabel and her team provide online training to destination managers and rural entrepreneurs. They also customise content for specific destinations and host a Spanish-language podcast, ‘Mundo rural en positivo’, targeting rural communities. These initiatives have increased local pride, fostered collaboration, and led to the creation of new tourism infrastructure and employment opportunities. Through implementing this model, tourism has become less seasonal, contributing to population retention, and combating depopulation—a critical issue affecting rural regions in Spain. 
The Escuela de Turismo Generativo presents an opportunity to revitalise depopulated areas by promoting sustainable tourism and leveraging existing resources. Strengthening local networks, respecting communities, and tailoring strategies to each region’s unique characteristics are crucial aspects of this approach. Ultimately, it transforms rural areas into attractive, vibrant tourist destinations while preserving their cultural and natural heritage. 

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