Jönköping University

Jönköping University, a young and dynamic university in Sweden, fosters a unique environment that blends internationalisation, entrepreneurial spirit, and close collaboration with the community. As one of Sweden’s leading destinations for international students, Jönköping University boasts a truly global campus.

School of Education and Communication: Advancing Sustainability in FLIARA

Within the FLIARA Project, the School of Education and Communication plays a key role. The school’s focus on sustainability, digitalization, and inclusion aligns perfectly with FLIARA’s goals. This forward-thinking approach is nurtured by a unique learning environment that prioritises close interaction between students and faculty.

Expertise in Gender, Finance, and Entrepreneurship

Jönköping University contributes its expertise in gender finance and entrepreneurship to Work Package 3. Also, the university’s broader contributions across Work Packages 1 through 7 ensure a well-rounded approach to achieving FLIARA’s objectives.

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