Teagasc – The Agriculture and Food Development Authority

Teagasc, the Agriculture and Food Development Authority, serves as the national entity delivering comprehensive research, advisory, and training services to Ireland’s agriculture and food industries, as well as rural communities. Teagasc plays a crucial role in connecting rural and farm innovation practices to the FLIARA Project. Moreover, its strong affiliations with advisory services throughout the …

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Linnaeus University

Situated in Växjö and Kalmar, Linnaeus University provides a diverse educational experience with over 200 degree programmes and 1500 single-subject courses. The university offers a wide range of subjects spanning arts and humanities, health and life sciences, social sciences, natural sciences, technology, and business and economics.    Within the FLIARA project, Linnaeus University focuses on …

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ELARD – The European LEADER Association

Established in 1999, the European Leader Association for Rural Development (ELARD) is an international non-profit organisation founded by the National Leader Networks of various EU Member States. During the 2000–2006 programming period, approximately 950 rural areas across the 15 Member States engaged in the LEADER+ Community Initiative, creating a broad network of information and resources. …

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Consulta Europa

Consulta Europa, an SME specialising in the management of research, communication, education, and innovation projects, is situated in the Canary Islands, a Spanish outermost region near the Moroccan coast in the Atlantic Ocean. Established in 2009 as a private local development agency and knowledge centre, Consulta Europa’s primary goal is to offer innovative solutions at …

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Longford Women’s Link

Longford Women’s Link is a dynamic social enterprise in Ireland which was founded in 1995. Over the past 28 years LWL has diversified and expanded to become a substantial organisation that uses its unique Integrated Service Delivery model to provide practical supports to women and their families while incorporating good practice in community development to …

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ECOLISE, the European network for community-led initiatives on climate change and sustainability, brings its expertise on fostering grassroots movements and pioneering approaches to sustainable transformations. With a vision of empowering local communities, ECOLISE serves as a vital bridge, forging connections between key sectors and stakeholders throughout Europe. As an integral partner in the FLIARA project, ECOLISE …

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University of Turku

The University of Turku (UTU) with its renowned Finland Futures Research Centre, spearheads expertise in futures studies. The centre’s profound knowledge of envisioning future scenarios aligns seamlessly with the project’s overarching goal of fostering sustainable farm and rural futures. UTU contributes invaluable insights into the pivotal role of women in driving innovative solutions for sustainable agriculture …

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Università della Calabria

The University of Calabria (UNICAL), a vital member of our consortium, brings exceptional expertise in innovation, gender studies, and rural development to the table. With a keen focus on empowering women, UNICAL will play a pivotal role in analysing and exploring the pathways and requirements for women-led sustainability innovations. UNICAL’s objective is to deepen our …

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University of Galway

Established in 1845, University of Galway is one of the top 2% of universities in the world. We are in the top 50 universities globally for sustainable development in line with the United Nations SDGs. We are a bilingual university, comprised of four colleges, 18 schools and five research institutes, with more than 19,000 students, …

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